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Currently 18 players are online - 11 are active and 7 are AFK on Heroserv.

Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
4 9 3 2
D e a d P o o L1572Elder Druid
HL Archant200Elder Druid
HL Kepler1953Elite Knight
HL Lordsorcerer200Master Sorcerer
HL Ryu200Sorcerer
Is Draculinha Is1076Royal Paladin
Jon Jones1977Elder Druid
KiNg KoNg2033Elder Druid
Locatteli1506Elite Knight
ls Black RulleX1264Royal Paladin
Ls Truco1835Elder Druid
Luxemburgo555Master Sorcerer
Madeiradabr200Master Sorcerer
Magic Of Healingbr200Elder Druid
Soul Evan50Royal Paladin
Tico Tico Tabr200Elder Druid
Up Your Magicbr200Elder Druid
Xerolainee1004Elder Druid

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