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Currently 20 players are online - 18 are active and 2 are AFK on Heroserv.

Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
1 16 2 1
Truta Doidaobr527Sorcerer
ls Sirius Draco2098Elder Druid
KiNg KoNg2033Elder Druid
ls BeeBlack1556Elder Druid
DeviL FuriOuS2104Elder Druid
Lord Haity1198Elder Druid
LuCao'RuSha2111Elder Druid
Black Niy509Druid
B R U X A O1741Elder Druid
ls Magezin RuLLeX1036Elder Druid
Mata Pato995Elder Druid
Sr King1702Elder Druid
Ls Truco1825Elder Druid
Druid Rayo1318Elder Druid
A's1000Elder Druid
Pineapple StormTV1911Elder Druid
Pobree Lokoo600Royal Paladin
Piaba Aniquiladorabr208Royal Paladin
Eric CaRTmaN1742Elite Knight

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