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Currently 29 players are online - 35 are active and -6 is AFK on Heroserv.

Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
4 20 1 4
Abela1052Master Sorcerer
Ang1108Elder Druid
Chica263Elder Druid
GuiiZiNhOo1837Elder Druid
HL Baguvix1017Elder Druid
HL Get Premium1155Master Sorcerer
Ijose882Elite Knight
IMoRTaL RuLeX1795Elder Druid
John Locke1735Elder Druid
Kina Apocalipta804Elite Knight
Locatteli1002Elite Knight
Lord'xocolati1396Elder Druid
ls Awegh946Elder Druid
ls BeeBlack1448Elder Druid
ls Freeza1171Elder Druid
ls Magezin RuLLeX781Elder Druid
ls skoLzin1722Elder Druid
Maria Da Penhabr414Sorcerer
Master Criz829Master Sorcerer
Mc Tibiana595Royal Paladin
Oo Ra Fa Oo1488Elder Druid
P a u l i n h O1484Elder Druid
Pineapple StormTV1754Elder Druid
Prinsesa Isabel1301Elite Knight
ReD'BuLL1143Elder Druid
Sdryryu1798Elder Druid
Skull Heal505Elder Druid
Streep'nick803Elder Druid
Thom'rusha1514Elder Druid

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