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Houses on Loucoserv

Casa 11922k gpSphereRented by Curtiu (FACC)
Casa 102832k gpSphereRented by Big Get
Casa 111120k gpSphereRented by Dynamo (FACC)
Casa 121419k gpSphereRented by Get Premium (FACC)
Casa 131623k gpSphereRented by Evog (FACC)
Casa 142832k gpSphereRented by Matador (FACC)
Casa 151316k gpSphereRented by El Segonho (FACC)
Casa 161518k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 174149k gpSphereRented by Lord Willians (FACC)
Casa 193033k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 2284320k gpSphereRented by Lord Juninho (FACC)
Casa 203033k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 213033k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 223033k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 234649k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 243034k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 254851k gpSphereRented by Foi Bn Pr Un Nb Na Colono (FACC)
Casa 267278k gpSphereRented by Brenda (FACC)
Casa 273841k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 283841k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 294851k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 369k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 303841k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 313843k gpSphereRented by Hackaro (FACC)
Casa 311421k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 322435k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 331929k gpSphereRented by Sir Rojas Toki (FACC)
Casa 341924k gpSphereRented by Necromante (FACC)
Casa 351319k gpSphereRented by Tiger Rush (FACC)
Casa 372025k gpSphereRented by Knighter (FACC)
Casa 381022k gpSphereRented by Sex Female (FACC)
Casa 391316k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 4811k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 403235k gpSphereRented by Zeh Lokaoh (FACC)
Casa 411013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 42912k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 422023k gpSphereRented by Hendriksen
Casa 422326k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 431013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 44710k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 45357457k gpSphereRented by Vaselina (FACC)
Casa 463642k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 472225k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 481821k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 492025k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 52226k gpSphereRented by Harley Queen (FACC)
Casa 5047k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 51710k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 52710k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 531821k gpSphereRented by Hero Senin (FACC)
Casa 541316k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 551417k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 551316k gpSphereRented by Sombser (FACC)
Casa 561319k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 571013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 581013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 61923k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 601821k gpSphereRented by Hero Serv (FACC)
Casa 611417k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 621128k gpSphereRented by Puta Da Vila (FACC)
Casa 71013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa 81417k gpSphereRented by G e R R y S t Y l E
Casa 91823k gpSphereRented by T h u g n i n e (FACC)
Casa da Bruxa do 711013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa da Dona Florinda1013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa da Floresta8186k gpSphereEmpty
Casa da Popis1113k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Bambu 12631k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Bambu 21416k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Bambu 31316k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Bambu 41013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Bambu 51013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Bambu 61421k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Lava 13034k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Lava 23641k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Lava 33641k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Lava 43036k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Lava 52021k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Lava 63237k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Lava 73237k gpSphereEmpty
Casa de Pedra1013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa do Pantano4348k gpSphereEmpty
Casa do Seu Madruga1013k gpSphereEmpty
Casa Pequena 147k gpSphereEmpty
Casa Pequena 247k gpSphereEmpty
Casa Pequena 3710k gpSphereEmpty
Casa Pequena 447k gpSphereEmpty
Casa Pequena 547k gpSphereRented by Gokuneitor (FACC)
Casa Pequena 6710k gpSphereRented by Morvus (FACC)
Louco House 11016k gpSphereEmpty
Louco House 21726k gpSphereEmpty
Louco House 32732k gpSphereEmpty
Louco House 41316k gpSphereEmpty
Louco House 569k gpSphereRented by George Orwell (FACC)
Louco Serv 11417k gpSphereEmpty
Louco Serv 269k gpSphereEmpty
Vip City 12429k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 103438k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 113441k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 123441k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 132629k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 143441k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 1588104k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 163737k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 173738k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 22125k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 31821k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 44547k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 53738k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 68593k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 73739k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 83444k gpVip CityEmpty
Vip City 92629k gpVip CityEmpty
Ice Island 1162163k gpIce IslandEmpty
Ice Island 2117118k gpIce IslandEmpty
Ice Island 3104105k gpIce IslandEmpty
Ice Island 4102103k gpIce IslandEmpty
Ice Island 58687k gpIce IslandEmpty
Ice Island 611601161k gpIce IslandEmpty
Ice Island 77891k gpIce IslandEmpty
Ice Island 8132133k gpIce IslandEmpty
Ice Island 9142143k gpIce IslandEmpty
Arumha Guild Hall157229k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha I1622k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha II3239k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha III814k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha IV48k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha IX49k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha V48k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha VI812k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha VII49k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha VIII711k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha X610k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XI48k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XII610k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XIII47k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XIV47k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XIX710k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XL1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XLI47k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XLII2226k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XLIII1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XLIV1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XLIX48k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XLV1619k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XLVI1619k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XLVII47k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XLVIII47k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XV47k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XVI47k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XVII47k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XVIII3248k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XX710k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXI710k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXII1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXIII1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXIV1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXIX710k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXV1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXVI1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXVII1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXVIII710k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXX710k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXXI1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXXII1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXXIII1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXXIV710k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXXIX1013k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXXV712k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXXVI710k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXXVII710k gpArumhaEmpty
Arumha XXXVIII710k gpArumhaEmpty
Jungle City 12831k gpJungle CityEmpty
Jungle City 22831k gpJungle CityEmpty
Jungle City 32631k gpJungle CityEmpty
Jungle City 41316k gpJungle CityEmpty
Jungle City 51316k gpJungle CityEmpty
Jungle City 62529k gpJungle CityEmpty
Jungle City 73843k gpJungle CityRented by Scarlet (FACC)
Jungle City 83843k gpJungle CityRented by Masterwarrior (FACC)
Avenida Norte 141100k gpEmpty
Avenida Principal 12959k gpEmpty
Avenida Principal 245104k gpEmpty
Avenida Principal 353119k gpEmpty
Avenida Principal 454128k gpEmpty
Avenida Principal 536101k gpEmpty
Avenida Principal 645104k gpEmpty
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